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Document Digitalization

With our OCR technology, you can easily extract text from images and documents, making them searchable and editable. Also our OCR engine can pull your data from your desired source and will put out only relevant information which is important to the business. This process can save you time and money by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the need for physical storage space. The OCR technology can be integrated into any workflow, making the process seamless and efficient. Now, you can access your documents from anywhere, at any time and collaborate with your team without any hassle.

Vehicle Insurance Repair

Want to speed up the process of claim settlements? You are at the right place. We have curated an AI based system which can detect and recognise any kind of damages present on Vehicles, also our system is mature enough to segregate between parts and estimate cost as per the severity of the damage and location of the damage on the vehicle. This can greatly improve the efficiency of the vehicle repair process, as well as break the human chain involved in the claim settlement process by leveraging ChatBot capabilities. Our solution can help user to reduce the long waiting period involved in the claim settlements from days to seconds.

Neural Language Engine

Want a Quick Fix for any translation process? We got you covered with our state of the art language models.Our AI based systems can translate a wide range of documents, including legal documents, technical manuals, and literary texts with high precision rate.This system can be integrated with any of your desired data source, making the process seamless and efficient. Our Neural Language Engine can be used to improve communication and collaboration across different cultures and languages.

Audio Analysis

We provide an AI based solution which utilizes Natural Language Processing to turn raw unstructured call data into structured, rich data for analysis. We also provide a custom scoring system to rate the performance of the Agents involved in the call for future improvement. Thus we provide our customer new ways to lower call centre costs, maximise revenue, and minimise compliance risk with our flexible and scalable solutions.